About our group

We do research in all areas of economic theory, with a special focus on monetary theory, auction theory, game theory, contract theory, and finance. We view the work of our doctoral students as an important part of our research effort, and strive to train them to become well-equipped young researchers. We provide a rigorous teaching of economic theory, but always focus on relevant applications. 

Bernoulli Center for Economics

The Bernoulli Center for Economics was founded in 2006 at the University of Basel in honor of Daniel Bernoulli. Daniel Bernoulli is the founder of the Expected Utility Theory which is a cornerstone in modern economics. His famous article ‘Specimen Theoriae Novae de Mensura Sortis’ was published in 1738. Daniel Bernoulli was a professor at the University of Basel in the 18th century. In honour of Bernoulli’s famous research, the Bernoulli Center for Economics invites economists, who have also been involved in path breaking research in economic theory, to hold the Bernoulli Lecture and hosts workshops and seminars to provide a platform for the academic exchange amongst economists.


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Studentische Hilfskraft (m/w) gesucht

Die Abteilung Wirtschaftstheorie (Prof. Aleksander Berentsen) sucht eine studentische Hilfskraft (m/w). Zur Ausschreibung... [mehr]

Prof. Berentsen wird Gastprofessor für internationale Geld- und Währungspolitik

Prof. Dr. Berentsen wurde zum Gastprofessor der Deutschen Bundesbank für internationale Geld- und Währungspolitik ernannt. Zu diesem Zweck wird er dieses Frühjahr des öfteren einige Tage an der Freien Universität Berlin... [mehr]

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