PhD Defense Prep Seminar

The seminar is organised by PhD students for PhD students. Our group meets on a weekly basis for a 30-45 minutes long appointment dedicated to a specific dissertation chapter of a participant. The seminar proceeds as a mock defense in which the student who is being prepped is asked to summarise their paper and answer the questions by the group as best as possible. We discuss best preparation strategies, share experience and help each other during the last few miles before the finish line. 

The group consists of students from various departments and stages of PhD, some of the participants have defended already and can share valuable information on what to expect. If your PhD Defense is coming up in the next couple of months, and this kind of seminar sounds interesting, you are welcome to join us. You will also be asked to send a paper/summary of a paper you wish to discuss in advance to the group of students who participate in the seminar. If you participate, you also agree to help other PhD students after your defense in a ‘good citizen’ spirit.

Past seminars

05.02.2021 Zoom


12.02.2021 Zoom  
19.02.2021 Zoom  
26.02.202115:00ZoomMaja Zarkovic 
05.03.202110:00ZoomChristoph Thommen 
12.03.202115:30ZoomAndreas Freitag 
19.03.2021 Zoom  
02.04.2021 Zoom  
09.04.202115:30ZoomDavid Galluser 
16.04.202115:30ZoomAlice Hengevoss 



David Gallusser


David Gallusser, PhD student

Former Organisers

  • Romina Ruprecht, PhD
  • Maja Zarkovic, PhD