Job Market Candidates 2020/21

PhD in Business and Economics


Romina Ruprecht

Romina Ruprecht
Research interestsMacroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Monetary Policy
Job market paperNegative Interest Rates and Bank Lending Rates (draft coming soon)
Prof. Aleksander Berentsen, University of Basel
Dr. Francesca Carapella, Federal Reserve Board of Governors
Prof. Dr. Cyril Monnet, University of Bern

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I will be available for online interviews at the 2020 EJM Meeting and the 2020 ASSA Annual Meeting.

Marius Faber

Marius Faber
Research interests

Labor Economics, Trade and Development, Technological Change and Innovation

Job market paperRobots and Reshoring: Evidence from Mexican Labor Markets

Prof. Kurt Schmidheiny, University of Basel
Prof. David Autor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Prof. Marco Tabellini, Harvard Business School


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Available for interviews during the EJM 2020 Virtual and the ASSA 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting.

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