Ph.D. Program in Applied Economics

The Ph.D. program in Applied Economics at the University of Basel aims to support promising young economists on their way to an academic career.

The program offers a combination of advanced PhD courses, research training, and opportunities for independent research. It includes high-level courses on research methods as well as advanced field courses on a broad range of topics, such as: economics of accounting, international trade, environmental and energy economics, macroeconomics, monetary economics, labour economics and other fields of applied microeconomics as well as microeconometrics.

The program offers a stimulating research environment and brings Ph.D. students into close contact with internationally renowned researchers, both from our faculty and from other institutions. To ensure that the program’s Ph.D. students are closely integrated within the faculty’s research activities, no more than 10 students are admitted to the program each year.

The program has two phases. During the first year, students take part in courses and prepare their research proposal. At the end of this year students are evaluated on the basis of course grades, their research proposal and a presentation of their work. Based on this evaluation students will be admitted to the second phase of the program where students start their own research. Students are expected to finish their Ph.D. within three to four years. Students are also required to participate in two weekly research seminars where Ph.D. students and external researchers present their work.

Regulations | Official Documents

Additional rules for the structured doctoral program in Applied Economics | 18.03.2014

Ergänzende Regelungen zum strukturierten Doktoratsprogramm in Applied Economics | 18.03.2014

<link fileadmin wwz redaktion studium docs dokstudium wegleitung_doktoratsprogramm_applied_economics_31_01_2015.pdf wegleitung doktorat applied economics>Wegleitung zum strukturierten Doktoratsprogamm in Applied Economics | 12.06.14

<link fileadmin wwz redaktion studium docs dokstudium study_guide_structured_doctoral_programme_for_publication_06022015.pdf study guide structured doctoral programme for publication>Study Guide Structured Doctoral Programme in Applied Economics | 06.02.15

<link fileadmin wwz redaktion studium docs dokstudium medium_term_scheme_structured_doctoral_programme_for_publication_06022015.pdf medium term scheme structured doctoral programme for publication>Medium Term Scheme Structured Doctoral Programme in Applied Economics | 06.02.1<link fileadmin user_upload phd_applied_economics_guidelines_for_research_proposal_2017.pdf>5

<link fileadmin user_upload phd_applied_economics_guidelines_for_research_proposal_2017.pdf>Guidelines for research proposal | September 2017