Invited Talks & Panels

2019 (selected)

  • [Keynote] Crypto Finance Conference 2019, St. Moritz - Securing Information on a Public Blockchain.
  • [Panel] World Economic Forum | House of Switzerland, Davos - Crypto Winter in Davos.
  • [Panel] SNB-CIF Conference on Cryptoassets and Financial Innovation, Zürich - The Future of Cryptoassets
  • [Panel] Swiss Biotech Day, Basel - Innovative Solutions in Financing Biotech
  • [Panel] Finanz'19, Zürich - Blockchain and Cryptoassets: Revolution in the Financial Sector? 
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2018 (selected)

  • [Keynote & Panel] G20 Financial Stability Conference, Seoul - A World Beyond Cash.
  • [Keynote] Crypto Finance Conference 2018, St. Moritz - Central Bank Cryptocurrencies (joint presentation with A. Berentsen).
  • [Keynote & Panel] Law and Economics Foundation University of St. Gallen (Alps Forum), Flims - Blockchain and Commercial Law.
  • [Keynote] Blockchain Symposium, University of Freiburg, Freiburg - Blockchain in Academia.
  • [Keynote] Finanz'18, Zürich - Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptoassets.
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2017 (selected)

  • [Keynote] SESCOOP Study Tour, University of Lucerne, Lucerne - Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptoassets.
  • [Keynote] Fondation CH2048, Olten - Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptoassets.
  • [Keynote & Panel] TAIC Financial Services, Zürich - Cryptoassets as an Alternative Asset Class.
  • [Research Seminar] University of Basel Research Seminar, Basel - Decentralized Consensus: The Bitcoin Consensus Protocol.
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  • [Keynote] Swiss National Bank Research Seminar, Zürich - Decentralized Consensus: The Bitcoin Consensus Protocol.


  • [Lecture] Swiss Finance Institute, Advanced Executive Program, Horgen - Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptoassets.


  • [Research Seminar] Swiss National Bank Research Seminar, Zürich. Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptoassets (joint presentation with A. Berentsen).
  • [Q&A] Swiss Finance Institute Breakfast Meeting, Zürich. Bitcoin - A Currency Here to Stay? (joint presentation with A. Berentsen).