How to apply

The regular enrollment period for 2020 expired.
The course program 2021 will be published in the beginning of 2021. Applications will be accepted from February 2021 onwards.

Application Window

The regular application period is open from 5 February - 16 March 2020. Late application will be accepted until one monts before the beginning of the course.

  1. Read the Rules and Regulations carefully and check whether you fulfill the admission criteria.
  2. Complete the online application form. For students not enrolled at the University of Basel, please send your documents (transcript of records / CV / motivation letter) to the Summer School administration.
  3. We will carefully review your documents and advise within the specified period whether your application has been accepted for enrollment.
  4. Upon receipt of the notice of admission, you have 10 days to accept or decline admission. The course fee (if applicable) is payable within 30 days. If the invoice is issued within eight weeks of the course start date, the invoice is due upon receipt.

Rules and Regulation

All students

  • Language: Students must possess a sufficient command of English to be able to actively contribute to the classes,
  • Thematic Prerequisites: Each course description outlines what (previous) knowledge the instructor expects. If the prerequisites are lacking, prospective students may nevertheless be able to follow and complete the course. In this case, additional work should be expected.
  • University Enrollment:
    Students must be enrolled as a regular university student or other higher education level institution.

Exchange & international students

  • Motivation: Students must present a brief motivation letter, outlining their interest in the course (200 - 500 words).
  • CV/Resume: Students must submit a CV/Resume and current university transcripts and/or previous degree certificate with the application.

All students:

    • Class attendance is compulsory.
      All students are required to attend every session, arrive on time and be prepared for the class.
    • Read the assigned literature in advance.
      Active participation and thoughtful discussion require that you have read and are comfortable discussing the assigned reading materials.
    • Active participation in the course discussion is expected -it counts for a significant portion of the final grade. Your insight, perspective, experience and opinions will broaden the scope of the discussion and learning. In addition, it is just more fun (for everyone).
    • The classes require limited classroom time. Please be aware that course attendance and preparation require/demand your full-time commitment.  Attendance in a second course is not allowed. Any additional employment during the course is not recommended.
    • Students who miss more than one class will not earn any credits for the course.
    • In case of serious or sudden illness, please contact the Summer School Administration and the professor immediately. A doctor’s certificate is (generally) required.

    University of Basel students & exchange students:
    Absence without (advance) consent from the administration will receive a “NE (nicht erschienen/no show) on MOnA. You will also be charged a fee of CHF 500.

    International students:
    The course fee is not refundable.



    University of Basel' students & exchange students:

    Due to the generosity of two sponsors, there is no course fee. However, course cancellations after 30 April 2020 will be charged CHF 500 for each course. See also Terms of Attendance. All late applications will incur a CHF 100 fee.

    International students:

    For international students without affiliations to the University of Basel, a CHF 500 course fee applies. You will receive an invoice payable within 30 calendar days. If the invoice is issued within eight weeks of the course start date, the invoice is due upon receipt.

    Course fees do not include travel or accommodation costs, insurance, course literature or other costs that may arise prior or during the period of the course(s).


      All students

      • Each course in the Summer School in Law Business and Economic Policy program rewards 3 ECTS credits upon successful completion of the examination.
      • Course attendance is mandatory.
      • Examination dates are published in the course directory. Exams generally take place within one week of course completion.
      • Exams can be sit-in or take home, depending on the course.

      Students at the University of Basel & exchange students:

      • Absence without (advance) consent from the administration will receive a “NE (=nicht erschienen/no show). You will also be charged the external student course fee. For more details: see Terms of Attendance.
      • Course results will be stated on the transcript of records (Datenabschrift).
        Transcripts of records for the preceding semester are compiled in mid-February and mid-August and can be downloaded in PDF format from MOnA. Students who cannot access MOnA will receive their transcripts by post.

      Students studying at faculties outside of Business and Economics, exchange students & international students:

      • It is the participant’s responsibility to verify the validity of the course and validate it at their home university prior to participating in a Summer School in Law, Business and Economy Policy program.
      • The Summer School in Law, Business and Economy Policy will not be held responsible if the credits fail to be recognized at the home institution.

      International students

      • A course certificate will be provided in order to gain modular ECTS credits.