FAQ Summer School

You can apply via an online form. For more details please click here.

Any student can apply. Some applications might be handled with priority. For more Information please click here.

Thanks to the generosity of two private sponsors, you do not have to pay any fee for participating in the summer school program. All it requires is the commitment, engagement and active participation in lectures to benefit most from it.

The Summer School takes place during the summer months. Classes of the spring semester are usually between late June and end of July. Classes of the fall semester usually take place in August. For detailed information on a particular course please check the course directory or the respecting website of the course. 

You can take up to two courses in each semester, two in the spring and two in the fall semester. However, if there are still vacancies you might be accepted to more classes. 

Yes, it is possible to take more than one course during one session. 

Yes, each course is worth 3 ECTS.
With the Master Seminar you are able to earn 6 ECTS (the same as with any other Master Seminar).

For detailed information on a particular course please check the course directory or the respecting website of the course. For more information on the exams in general please click here

No, you do not need to register by means of of the web application MONA; this will be done by the Student Administration Office (Studiensekretariat).

  • Course registration for the courses in June and July will be visible by the end of April.
  • Course registration for the courses in August will be visible once the courses are over. Still, it is absolutely necessary that you confirm your enrollment for the fall semester and pay the ordinary tuition fee latest by 31 July 2018.

The enrollment for the course is at the same time the registration for the exam!

Please note that your enrollment is binding. To participate in one of the Summer School courses is a privilege. We do expect you to fully commit to participating in a course. Therefore we cannot accept cancellations after 25 April 2018 or "no-show". In case of later cancellation without acceptance from the administration or "no-show", all students registered at the University of Basel will get a "NE (nicht erschienen / no show)" in MONA.
In case of serious and/or sudden illness, please contact us as soon as possible.

As an Eucor student you have to be registered at the University of Basel prior to applying for one of the courses. As a student from an other Swiss university you have to hand in a Belegschein prior to application. 

After having done so, you can apply via online form.

FAQ US Seminar

You will be provided free lodging and some of the meals during the seminar.
You will receive an allowance of CHF 500 to cover part of your expenses for the flight and incidentals.

You are responsible for your travel arrangements (i.e. flight etc.), visa, etc. and have to be present from the first day of the seminar to the final day. You can, of course, arrive ahead of time or prolong your stay if you like (at own expenses).

Moreover, the student with the best overall performance will get an additional 1000 CHF. This student will be determined by Prof. R. Weder and Prof. J. Macher (with inputs from the other participating colleagues of GTU).

There are no specific prerequisites for participating in the US Seminar.

However, students have to be enrolled in the Master of Science of Business and Economics of the University of Basel (exceptions are possible, for example for Ph.D. students). If there are still vacancies students from other programs at the University of Basel can be admitted.

Enrollment is necessary for the fall semester (writing the paper) and the spring semester (presentation and visits to the institutions).

Past enrollment in a course at the Summer School in Law, Business and Economic Policy at the Faculty of Business and Economics is an asset, but not mandatory to be accepted to the seminar.