Economics Lunch

The Economics Lunch provides an excellent opportunity for doctoral students and Postdocs at the Faculty of Business and Economics to present their research and advance it productively through discussions with fellow students and professors. All Ph.D. students at the Faculty of Business and Economics must present in the Economics Lunch at least once before finishing their doctorate. Depending on availability, the Economics Lunch is also open for professors, and for doctoral students from other institutions.

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Economics Lunch Spring Term 2020 (Coronavirus pandemic)

March 11, 202012:30S 15Patrick Böhler"Drivers of aggregate US equity and bond ETF flows"
May 27, 202012:30ZoomManuel Buchmann"Skilled or Unskilled? An occupation-based approach of classifying workers in Switzerland."

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Autumn Term 2020

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September 16, 202012:30tbaJorma Schäublin"Discontinuities in Pension Funds Asset Allocation"
September 23, 202012:30tbaChristoph Thommen"The Impact of a Business Cycle Shock on the Gender Wage Gap: Evidence from Switzerland"
September 30, 202012:30tba
October 7, 202012:30tbaAli Darudi"Auctions for renewables: does the choice of payment scheme matter?"
October 14, 202012:30tbaCaner Ates"Modeling Labor Markets in Agent-Based Macroeconomics"
October 21, 202012:30tbaSinan Acemoglu"Boosting Actuarial Regression Models"
October 28, 202012:30tbaSebastian Fleer"How the Mandatory Disclosure of Forward-Looking Information Affects Financial Intermediation"
November 4, 202012:30tbaVéra Zabrodina"Dynamic Moral Hazard in Nonlinear Health Insurance Contracts"
November 11, 202012:30tba
November 18, 202012:30tbaUlrike Unterhofer"Peer Effects in Active Labour Market Policies"
November 25, 202012:30tba
December 2, 202012:30tbaMatthias Niggli"Green Potential, Environmental Policy and Heterogeneous Labor Market Responses in Europe"
December 9, 202012:30tba
December 16, 202012:30tbaRaja Daouah"Asymmetric information, opportunism and Financing decisions"