Economics Lunch

The Economics Lunch provides an excellent opportunity for doctoral students at the Faculty of Business and Economics to present their research and advance it productively through discussions with fellow students and professors. All Ph.D. students at the Faculty of Business and Economics must present in the Economics Lunch at least once before finishing their doctorate. Depending on availability, the Economics Lunch is also open for professors, and for doctoral students from other institutions. See Information about the Economics Lunch for more details.

In order to register for a slot, please send an email to

Program for the Autumn Term 2019

Usually, presentations take place on Wednesdays from 12.30 to 1.15 pm in the seminar room S15 (WWZ).

Autumn Term 2019

September 18, 201912:30S 15Dr. Gwendolin Sajons"What Drives Gender Differences in Negotiation? An Exploration in Virtual Reality."
September 25, 201912:30S 15

Aakriti Mathur, PhD student The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva and BIS

"In the dangerzone! Regulatory uncertainty and voluntary bank capital surpluses"
October 2, 201912:30S 15

Kevin Trutmann, PhD student Faculty of Psychology

"The Role of Learning in the Disposition Effect"
October 9, 201912:30S 15Dr. Elena Shvartsman"Stress, Autonomy, and Incentives"
October 16, 201912:30S 15Sophie Hersberger"Institutional Isomorphism and Nonprofit Professionalization: For Better or Worse?"
October 23, 201912:30S 15Nicolas Schreiner"Transfer Payout Systems and Financial Distress"
October 30, 201912:30S 15Nikola Jovanoski

"The Effect of Colorectal Cancer Screening Coverage Required by US State Law"

November 6, 201912:30S 15Dr. Cédric Wasser"Buyer-Optimal Extensionproof Information"
November 13, 201912:30S 15Alexander Seiler"FX Hedging of Bonds in Foreign Currency"
November 20, 201912:30S 15
November 27, 201912:30S 15Jonas Savelsberg"Putting the heat on electricity markets: on heat wave impacts and spillovers"
December 4, 201912:30S 15Kerstin Hansen"Experiencing Booms and Busts in the Welfare State and Preferences for Redistribution"
December 11, 201912:30S 15Elisa Gerten"Digitalization, workplace organization and employee motivation: A mediation analysis"
December 18, 201912:30S 15Camila Plaza"More consultations, less talking medicine: Evidence of the Swiss Physician Reimbursement Reform"