About us

Our research deals with various topics within the broad field of personnel and organizational economics. With regard to teaching, we offer courses in personnel and organizational economics at the bachelor and master level. In our work, we focus on topics such as the allocation of decision rights in organizations, consequences of digitalization, employee involvement, stress at work, job satisfaction, atypical employment, and organizational behavior. Methodologically, we apply microeconometric approaches to large-scale firm- and individual-level data sets. Moreover, we also conduct laboratory experiments. Recent research topics are:

  • The impact of digitalization on firms and employees
  • Blockchain and human resource management
  • Performance effects of working time autonomy
  • Determinants and performance effects of employee involvement
  • Stress at work and human resource management pratices
  • Determinants of job satisfaction
  • Performance effects of fixed-term employment
  • Organizational justice and leadership
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Faculty of Business and Economics
Human Resources and Organization
Peter Merian-Weg 6
4002 Basel