Prof. Dr. Catherine Roux

Prof. Dr. Catherine Roux is professor of Industrial Organization and Regulation of Energy Markets. Her research focuses on Industrial Organization, Competition Policy, and Energy Markets.

The research group Industrial Organization and Regulation of Energy Markets is embedded within focal area "Energy and Environment" and is part of the Competence Center for Research in Energy, Society and Transition - CREST. Prof. Roux is doing research within the Work Package / Task: 3.2 at the SCCER CREST.

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Prof. Dr. Catherine Roux
Office 3.34 Faculty of Business and Economics
Industrial Organization and Regulation of Energy Markets
Peter Merian-Weg 6 4002 Basel

Tel: +41 61 207 23 98

Work in Progress

Communication and Market Sharing: An Experiment on the Exchange of Soft and Hard Information, revised and resubmitted, International Economic Review [link]
with Andreas Freitag and Christian Thöni

Mergers, Mavericks, and Tacit Collusion, revise and resubmit, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics [link]
with Donja Darai and Frédéric Schneider

Attention, Preference Shifts, and Choice Inconsistencies: An Experiment on Choosing Electricity Plans Under Cognitive Load
with Sebastian Olschewski and Steve Heinke

Energy Efficiency and Market Transparency: Experimental Evidence
with Steve Heinke and Sebastian Schäfers

Multigame Contact and Cooperation
with Vincent Laferrière, Joao Montez and Christian Thöni

Published Research

Hunting Unicorns? Experimental Evidence on Exclusionary Pricing Policies (previously circulated under "Hunting Unicorns? Experimental Evidence on Predatory Pricing Policies")
Journal of Law and Economics
, 62(3) (2019), 457-484 [link]
with Aaron S. Edlin, Armin Schmutzler and Christian Thöni

Shared Ownership of Intangible Property Rights: The Case of Patent Coassignments
Journal of Legal Studies, 46(2) (2017), 339-369 [link]
with Andrea Fosfuri and Christian Helmers

Home Bias in Multimarket Cournot Games
European Economic Review, 89 (2016), 361-371 [link]
with Luís Santos-Pinto and Christian Thöni

Collusion Among Many Firms: The Disciplinary Power of Targeted Punishment
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 116 (2015), 83-93 [link]
with Christian Thöni

Do Control Questions Influence Behavior in Experiments?
Experimental Economics, 18(2) (2015), 185-194 [link]
with Christian Thöni

Leniency Programs for Multimarket Firms: The Effect of Amnesty Plus on Cartel Formation
International Journal of Industrial Organization, 30(6) (2012), 624-640 [link]
with Yassine Lefouili

Antitrust Enforcement and Parallel Cartels: Past Experience and Challenges Ahead
In Palazzo, G. & Wentland, M. (Ed.), Responsible Management Practices for the XXIst Century (pp.13-20), Pearson