Research at the Faculty of Business and Economics: excellent and application-oriented

Research is a fundamental part of every university. Without research there is no development and no innovation. Without excellent research performance, teaching will not remain exciting, and the dialog with business and industrial partners lacks input.

The faculty maintains a high position in research, both on a national and international level, especially given its size and financial resources.

Our research is guided by international standards in academia. However, rather than doing research in the ivory tower, we are convinced that excellent research and its applied relevance for society and policymakers do not contrast each other.

Amongst others, the WWZ Forum promotes the transfer of knowledge supporting collaborations between universities, businesses and the public sector.

Our focal areas are “Money and Finance”, “Energy and Environment” (The Competence Center SCCER CREST) and “Economic Policy”. In addition, the faculty has an internationally recognized research output in Swiss-related topics. For an overview of faculty and its research see .

To view our open-access collection of research - articles, working papers, book chapters, conference papers and more - go to the University of Basel’s Research Online.

Use the online catalogue of UB Wirtschaft to search across a wide range of the library's print materials and electronic resources related to the field of business and economics.

The research seminar is a platform where invited researchers present their work. During the semester it takes place weekly, and aims to support the exchange between economists from national and international universities, research centers, and other research related institutions. All lectures are open to the public and address economists and graduate students (MA level). PhD students are expected to regularly attend the research seminar. Researchers present topics across all fields of economics including related disciplines like psychology, politics and others.

PhD students strongly contribute to the faculty’s research output. At the University of Basel, the doctorate in business and economics can either be pursued as part of the structured PhD program in Applied Economics, or in the form of a traditional individual doctorate. The Economics Lunch, which takes place weekly during the semester, provides an excellent opportunity for doctoral students of the WWZ and for young researchers from other institutions to present their own research (ideas and possible results) and benefit from discussions with other doctoral students and professors.