Dr. Anja Roth and Dr. Michaela Slotwinski win the IIPF Young Economists Award

Dr. Anja Roth and Dr. Michaela Slotwinski

Anja Roth (University of Basel, Switzerland) and Michaela Slotwinski (ZEW Mannheim, Germany, and University of Basel, Switzerland) have been awarded for their paper "Gender norms and income misreporting within households".

The "IIPF Young Economists Award" was instituted in 2008, with the aim of encouraging young scholars who present their papers at the IIPF Annual Congress. An award committee, headed by the Scientific Chair of the respective congress and including further members, selects those papers presented at the congress that stand out for their scientific quality, creativity and relevance, and chooses up to two of them to be distinguished with this award. 

The same rules apply for this award as for the "IIPF Peggy and Richard Musgrave Prize", namely that authors must be under 40 years old, that in the case of co-authored papers, all authors need to be under 40, and that age is measured as at the ending day of the Congress, when the prize is awarded. Authors who wish to be considered for this award should indicate this when submitting their papers for presentation at the Congress.

The winning paper: "Gender norms and income misreporting within households"