Ph.D. Guide - First steps to a doctorate

The University of Basel has educated talents since 1460. As an institution with a strong research background, Basel University hosts more than 2600 doctoral candidates within seven different faculties, 70 of them are currently working on their doctoral thesis at the Faculty of Business and Economics.

Faculty and focal areas
We have a faculty staff of 30 professors and around 100 academic employees who are active in research and teaching. Given its size, the faculty covers a broad scope of scientific subject areas. Our focal areas are “Money and Finance”, “Energy and Environment” (The Competence Center SCCER CREST) and “Economic Policy”. In addition, the faculty has an internationally recognized research output in many other topics. For an overview of the faculty and its research see

Research on current topics
The faculty maintains a high level in research and teaching, both from a national and international perspective. We are convinced that excellent research and its applied relevance for society and policymakers do not contradict each other. Thus, we are active in both fundamental research and its policy implications. Our academic staff publishes in top-ranking journals and participates in international seminars. High-caliber guest professors teach the special courses we offer on Globalization and the Internationalization of the Economy, as well as at the Summer School for Law, Economics and Public Policy, where students have an excellent opportunity to establish international contacts with renowned universities. Our scientific network includes various academic and non-academic collaborations in a range of disciplines and fields (e.g. psychology, medicine, mathematics and computer sciences, BIS, private sector).

The advancement of talented, young scientists is a key element of the University of Basel’s as well as the Faculty’s policy of excellence.

Interested in a doctorate?
At the Faculty of Business and Economics every Ph.D. obtained is in the field of Business and Economics. At our faculty you can pursue your doctorate within the structured PhD program in Applied Economics or as an individual doctorate.

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