Program Spring Term 2017

All lectures are open to the public and take place from 4:15 or 5:00 pm in seminar room S13.


Invited speaker


February 20, 2017

Andreas Fuster, PhD., Federal Reserve Bank of New York

"Home Price Expectations and Behavior: Evidence from a Randomized Information Experiment"


February 27, 2017

Prof. Bert Willems, Tilburg University

"Optimal regulation of network expansion"

H. Weigt

March 06, 2017

Basler Fasnacht - No seminar

March 13, 2017

Prof. Dr. Anne Skorkjær Binderkrantz, Aarhus University

"Appealing to the public or protecting the interests of members? How interest groups frame their policy demands in the news media"

A. Kachi

March 20, 2017

Prof. Dirk Bergemann, Yale University
"Optimal Auction Design in a Common Value Model"

U. Schiller

March 27, 2017

April 03, 2017

Prof. William Hoyt Ph.D., University of Kentucky

"The Assignment and Division of the Tax Base in a System of Hierarchical Governments"


April 10, 2017

Prof. Lint Barrage, Brown University

"Heterogeneous Climate Beliefs and U.S. Home Price Dynamics: Going Under Water?"

B. Hintermann

April 17, 2017

Easter - No Seminar

April 24, 2017

Prof. Elisabet Viladecans-Marsal, Universitat de Barcelona & IEB

"Can urban renewal policies reverse neighborhood ethnic dynamics?" (Access to the paper within university networks only)


May 01, 2017

Labour Day - No Seminar

May 08, 2017

Prof. Ester Faia, Goethe University Frankfurt

"Global banking: competition and risk-taking"

S.M. Lein

May 15, 2017

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

7th Bernoulli Lecture for the Behavioral Sciences

"Towards a Neural Basis for Expected Utility"

Prof. Dr. Brian Knutson, Standord University, USA

Tuesday, May 16, 2017, 18:15-19:45
Bernoullianum, Bernoullistrasse 30, Basel

Bernoulli Network for the Behavioral Sciences

May 22, 2017

Prof. Dominique M. Gross, School of Public Policy, Simon Fraser University

 "Economic Growth and People’s Decision for Immigration Policy. The Case of Switzerland"


R. Weder

May 29, 2017


Prof. Raphael Schoenle, Brandeis University

"Price Rigidities and the Granular Origins of
Aggregate Fluctuations"

S.M. Lein

Friday, July 7, 2017


WWZ Brown Bag Seminar by Prof. Ariel Burstein, UCLA and NBER

“Price and Consumption Responses to Large Exchange Rate Shocks: Evidence from the Great Appreciation in Switzerland"


S.M. Lein


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