Thomas Braendle, Ph.D. in Economics


Political Economics, Public Finance, Economic Policy, Law & Economics

Publications and working papers

Independent Fiscal Councils: Neglected Siblings of Independent Central Banks? A European Union Perspective. Forthcoming in Journal of Common Market Studies. (with Martin Larch).

Voters and Representatives: How Should Representatives Be Selected? Forthcoming in Congleton, R., Grofman, B. and S. Voigt. Oxford Handbook of Public Choice. (with Alois Stutzer).

Healthcare Expenditure Projections Up To 2045, FFA Working Paper No. 21, 2017, Federal Finance Administration (FFA), Berne. (with Carsten Colombier).

What Drives Public Health Care Expenditure Growth? Evidence from Swiss Cantons, 1970-2012. Health Policy, 120(9), 2016, pp. 1051–1060. (with Carsten Colombier). [link] An earlier version is available as WWZ WP No. 2015/11. [paper]

Selection of Public Servants into Politics. Journal of Comparative Economics, 44(3), 2016, pp. 696–719. (with Alois Stutzer). [paper] [link]

Do Institutions Affect Citizens' Selection into Politics. Journal of Economic Surveys 30(2), 2016, pp. 205-227. [paper] [link]

Does Remuneration Affect the Discipline and the Selection of Politicians? Evidence from Pay Harmonization in the European Parliament. Public Choice, 162(1-2), 2015 pp. 1-24. [paper] [online appendix].

Political Selection of Public Servants and Parliamentary Oversight. Economics of Governance 14, 2013, pp. 45-76. (with Alois Stutzer). [link | paper]

Determinants of Employment in the Ministerial Bureaucracy. WWZ Discussion Paper 01/12. [paper]

A Dilemma in the Separation of Powers: Public Servants as Legislators. In: A. Peters and L. Handschin (eds.). Conflict of Interest in Governance - An Interdisciplinary Outlook on the Global, Public, Corporate and Financial Sphere. Cambridge University Press, 2012, pp. 177-198. (with Alois Stutzer).

Public Servants in Parliament: Theory and Evidence on Its Determinants in Germany. Public Choice 145, 2010, pp. 223-252. (with Alois Stutzer). [link | paper]

Further contributions

Was beeinflusst das Wachstum der kantonalen Gesundheitsausgaben. CHSS - Soziale Sicherheit, 01/2017, pp. 30-34. (with Carsten Colombier).

Nicht nur die Alterung führt zu Zusatzlasten im Gesundheitswesen. Die Volkswirtschaft, 90(3), 2017, pp. 11-15. (with Carsten Colombier).

Helfen institutionelle Vorkehrungen gegen wachsende Staatsverschuldung? Die Volkswirtschaft, 89(12), 2016, pp. 22-26. (with Pierre-Alain Bruchez).

Zunehmende Alterung trifft Kantone am stärksten. Die Volkswirtschaft, 89(5), 2016, pp. 43-45. (with Carsten Colombier and Arabela Philipona).

Wie beeinflusst die Entschädigung die Disziplin und die Selektion von Politikern? Die Volkswirtschaft, 88(5) May 2015, pp. 23-27.

Spielt es eine Rolle, wer Politik macht? WWZ News 33, 2010, pp. 23-27. (with Alois Stutzer).

Professional experience

Since April 2013
Economic Advisor, Swiss Federal Department of Finance

March 2016 - May 2016
National Expert, European Commission, DG-ECFIN, Brussels

May 2012 - March 2013
Visiting researcher, Department of Economics, University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona

September 2007 - April 2012
Research & teaching assistant, Division for Public Choice and Public Economics, Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Basel

In 2010 & 2011
Visiting researcher
Department of Economics, Bocconi University, Milan (Jan.-July 2010)
CIRCaP, University of Siena (July 2010)
Institute of Economics (IdEP), University of Lugano (October 2011)

In 2005
Assistant, Parliamentary Services, Baden-Württemberg Parliament, Stuttgart
, Division for Industry & Transport, Chamber of Industry & Commerce Stuttgart   


April 2012
Ph.D. in Economics (Dr. rer. pol.), University of Basel

March 2008
M.Sc. in Business & Economics, Major in Markets and Institutions, University of Basel

Student exchanges: University of Lugano (2006), University of Freiburg (GER) (2003-2004)


Swiss National Science Foundation research grant, 2012
Young Scientist Award 2008 of the Basel private bankers for excellent master theses

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