Prof. Dr. Daniel Hoechle

Research Fellow und Dozent für Finanzmarkttheorie

Telefon                         +41 (0)55 417 77 25 


Lecturer at the University of Basel since 2008



University of Basel: Ph.D. in Finance (Graduation to Dr. rer. pol. in August 2007)

Summer 2002

University of Lausanne: FAME Certificate


University of Basel: Studies of Economics and Business Administration (Graduation to lic. rer. pol. in October 2000)



March 2010

Best Paper Award at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Swiss Finance Association for paper “Why and for how Long Do IPOs Underperform?” (co-authored with M. Schmid).

December 2008

„Fakultätspreis“ of the University of Basel for the best dissertation in Economics.

December 2002 

FAME Certificate „Prize for Outstanding Performance“


Professional Experience

Since 09/2007

Quantitative Analyst and Portfolio Manager, Man Systematic Strategies, Man Investments (CH) AG, Pfäffikon SZ

01/2004 – 03/2007 

 Contractor, Asset Management Schweiz, Bank Sarasin & Cie AG, Basel

11/2000 – 01/2003

Assistant Asset Allocation, Bank Sarasin & Cie AG, Basel


Refereed Academic Publications

"Is there Really no Conglomerate Discount?", Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, forthcoming (co-authored with M. Ammann and M. Schmid).

"How Much of the Diversification Discount Can be Explained by Poor Corporate Governance?", Journal of Financial Economics 103, 41-60 (January 2012) (co-authored with M. Schmid, I. Walter, and D. Yermack).

"Robust Standard Errors for Panel Datasets with Cross-Sectional Dependence", Stata Journal 7 (2007), 281–312.

Academic Working Papers

“Predicting and Explaining IPO Underperformance" (co-authored with M. Schmid), February 2010.

“A Generalization of the Calendar Time Portfolio Approach and the Performance of Private Investors" (co-authored with M. Schmid und H. Zimmermann), October 2009.

Other publications

"Das Anlageverhalten von Privatinvestoren – Erste Ergebnisse eines schweizer­isch­en Panels", WWZ News 31 (2008), 43–47 (co-authored with H. Zimmermann).

"Die langfristige Performance von IPO-Aktien", Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 20. August 2007 (co-authored with M. Schmid).

"Parametric and Nonparametric Estimation of Conditional Return Expectations“, in: Frenkel, M., U. Hommel, and M. Rudolf (Hrsg.), 2004, Risk Management: Challenge and Opportunity, Berlin et. al.: Springer Verlag, 169-196 (co-authored with W. Drobetz).

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