Experimental Macroeconomics

Welcome to the department of experimental macroeconomics. 

The research conducted in the department of experimental macroeconomics has two main components. First, theoretical methodologies of analysis are adopted to study topics in monetary economics, labor economics, finance, and payments systems. We also conduct research on those elements of game theory, industrial organization, and economic theory that have macroeconomic applications. Second, more direct empirical applications are pursued by conducting economic experiments. The experimental methodology is adopted to study how social and behavioral mechanisms affect human interactions, institutional arrangements, and allocations when enforcement and punishment mechanisms are weak or are not well-functioning. This research component benefits from a close cooperation with the Economic Science Institute at Chapman University, one of the leading institutions in experimental economics in the world.


Prof. Dr. Gabriele Camera
Büro 2.53
Tel.: +41 61 207 33 85
E-Mail gabriele.camera-at-unibas.ch

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