The University

The University of Basel is the oldest in Switzerland and was founded in 1460. It is a modern and attractive centre of teaching, learning, and research situated in the heart of the historic old town. It has seven faculties (Theology, Law, Medicine, Humanities, Science, Business and Economics, and Psychology) and over 70 institutes. Comprising 9’000 undergraduate and 2’000 postgraduate and doctoral students, the University of Basel is comparatively small by European standards. The 320 professors and 1’300 academic staff are dedicated to advancing knowledge and fostering independent thinking and socially responsible action.

The Faculty

The Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Basel began 150 years ago with a Professorship in Economics and Statistics. Today, it is a distinguished centre for economic training and research - a forum for lively debate on economic and social issues, characterized by the liberal spirit that has always hallmarked the University of Basel and its regional surroundings. For some, it is an attractive and challenging educational centre for future managers and scientists. Others see it as a colourful and valued network of researchers who want to be in the forefront of their field, producing a strong current of impulses and plans of action in extremely diversified fields of enquiry. Often, it is selected as consultation partner when advisory projects or specialist discussion rounds seek economic advice.

All members have to be flexible, creative and goal-orientated in order to preserve the high standard of teaching and research. The manageable and advantageous size of the faculty facilitates a personal meeting of minds and a spontaneous, non-bureaucratic exchange of ideas. Be it studies, research, advice or further education, the accent is on learning that is active, investigative and, last but not least, application-oriented.

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