FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What help can incoming students expect?

Incoming students will receive assistance in selecting and registering for courses and will be offered a general orientation to the University of Basel and the city of Basel prior to the start of the academic program. They will have access to libraries, computing facilities and athletic facilities.

The Coordination Office of the Faculty of Business and Economics, along with the Mobility Office at the University of Basel, will assist students with the initial academic and non-academic issues that arise prior to and during their stay.

What are incoming students required to do?

Tuition and fees at the University of Basel will be waived, but students will be responsible for the cost of their accommodation, food, pocket money, books, personal expenses, and mandatory health insurance. In addition, students will make their own travel arrangements and, if applicable, apply for a visa to enter Switzerland.

What is the application process?

Incoming students can request the required application form from their university. Students applying to attend the spring term semester (February - June) must do so by November 30th. Those wanting to attend the autumn term (September - December) must apply by April 30th.

The Faculty of Business and Economics will let the partner university know by December 15th and May 15th respectively if the application is successful.

What are language requirements?

We highly recommend a high level of proficiency in at least English. While incoming students are exempted from proof of sufficient German language skills, it is recommended that they prepare for their stay by enrolling in a German language course prior to their coming to Basel. German language proficiency facilitates their contact with the administrative bodies, widens the range of courses they can enrol in and makes social contacts easier.

Do incoming students receive financial support?

No. At present, there are no specific scholarships granted by the Faculty. However, as noted above, tuition and fees are waived.

For information on scholarships granted by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, click here.

Is there a list of English-speaking courses at the Faculty?

A detailed and up-to-date list of the wide range of courses offered in English can be found in the course directory.

The Summer School, which takes place every year in July and August, offers English-speaking courses in law, economics and public policy. For more information, please click here.

Where can I find general information about the University of Basel?

The University Guide offers a lot of information for day-to-day life as a student in Basel.

You can also check the website "Information for International Students".

Who can students contact if they have any questions?

Questions can be directed to studiendekanat-wwz-at-unibas.ch.

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