Master of Science in Business and Economics

The Master’s Degree is designed to take three semesters usually and builds on the broad foundation of knowledge acquired at Bachelor level. The course of study is concluded with the submission of a Master’s thesis (qualification: Master of Science (MSc) in Business and Economics). It is more strongly directed towards theory, research and methodology.

The Master’s demands a sufficient level of competence for handling complex practical assignments that require a sure-footed recourse to fact-based findings and methodology (studies and analyses, evaluations, the know-how for developing concepts and strategies).  Clearly structured in-depth modules - so-called majors - promote a vocationally oriented focus.

The following majors are offered at present:

  • Finance, Controlling and Banking

  • International Trade, Growth and the Environment

  • Labour Economics, Human Resources and Organization

  • Markets and Public Policy

  • Marketing and Strategic Management

  • Monetary Economics and Financial Markets

  • Quantitative Methods.

Master of Science in International and Monetary Economics

MIME is a joint, specialized Master’s degree offered by the Universities of Basel and Bern. It aims to help students acquire  a strong background and analytical expertise in monetary economics, macroeconomics and international macroeconomics.  MIME graduates are trained to take  positions requiring analytical skills and macroeconomic knowledge, such as those found in banks, monetary and fiscal authorities, general government, international companies and organizations,  research institutes and doctoral programs.

Key facts:

  • Joint degree program organized by the Universities of Basel and Bern

  • Excellent career opportunities in industry, administration and academia Transition to a related doctoral program

  • Taught exclusively in English

  • Internationally renowned faculty

  • International student body

  • 3 semesters full time

  • Attractive location in the heart of Europe

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