The Summer School offers students the opportunity to:

  • integrate their knowledge in business and economics (and thus deepen one of our main goals!)

  • extend their knowledge towards economic analysis of law and its effect on regulation

  • detect the different ways in the U.S. and in Europe of doing things (in society, business and policy)

  • experience an inter-cultural and interactive north-American style of teaching


The courses are open in first priority to students in economics and law at the University of Basel and students of European studies at the Europa-Institute.

Students from other universities can apply "sur dossier".

Inter-university exchange is welcome.

For more information about the enrollment period, see here.


All courses of our Summer School are especially designed for either students of master level or students of bachelor level.

Though there is the possibility for bachelor students to participate in a master level course according to the study conditions of the WWZ Basel.


The program will consist of twelve courses with 24 contact hours each. A standard course thus corresponds to 3 credit points. (A credit point accounts for 30 hours of student work.) To get the credit points presence on all course days is required and the exam has to be written and passed!


The prerequisites listed on the course websites are supposed to show the students what knowledge the instructor expects the students to have and are recommendations.

If somebody does not possess this knowledge he or she may nevertheless be able to follow and complete the course, but should expect additional work to close these gaps. The instructor will be happy to provide appropriate reading material upon request. Note that the prerequisites may be used as a criteria to select the students if demand for class seats is greater than the supply.


At the end of the course you have to write the mandatory exam (take-home or sit-in exam; depends on course).


Regular exam (60 - 120 minutes) on a fixed date. For details see course directory (or syllabus).


On the last day of the course you get the exam/question(s) and a certain time-window to hand in your result (by e-mail).

Terms and conditions


Summer School students have to be present in all enrolled classes (Präsenzveranstaltung). If you miss a class, you won't be able to earn any credits for the class.


No listeners are allowed to participate due to the interactive American way of teaching.

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