Seminar: Monetary Economics [20394-01]

Professor: Dr. Aleksander Berentsen

Assistant: Daniel Müller


The seminar Monetary Economics examines groundbreaking contributions at the intersection of finance, macroeconomics and search theory. A prominent example of these contributions is the article “Over-the-Counter Markets” by Duffie, Gârleanu and Pedersen, published 2005 in the Econometrica journal.

This semester we will give you the opportunity to write a seminar paper on actual research questions that are of great importance for the decision of policy institutions like e.g., central banks.  The topics are related to articles or working papers presented at the Summer Workshop on Money, Banking, Payments and Finance in Chicago.


07.11.2011: "Guidlines for Seminar Papers" have been updated and are now in English. See under: Further documents.


The topics of the seminar Monetary Economics have been distributed on Thursday the 22th September 2011, at 12:00 o'clock in S13 WWZ.

All relevant information are listed below. If you have further questions write an email to: Daniel Müller. 

Every participant has to discuss another paper for 5 minutes (10 minutes for teams of two).

The idea of the discussion is to give some inputs, raise interesting questions. The participants have to send a copy of their presentation until Tuesday the 29 November 2011. The copies will be sent to the discussant.


The presentations of your seminar papers take place on Monday the 5th December, from 9:00 until 13:00 and on Tuesday the 6th December from 13:00 until 16:30. The room on Monday is S14 and for Tuesday S15, in the WWZ.

The length of the presentation should be no longer than 20 minutes (30 minutes for teams of two). Presentations are required to be in English.

Attendance of the presentations is mandatory.

At the presentations you have to hand in the signed plagiarism form.

Seminar paper

The seminar paper can be written by oneself or in teams of two. The seminar paper can be written in English or German. The length of the paper should be about 20 pages (25 pages for teams of two). We attach great importance to comprehensibility, structure of the article and correct quotations. See therefore the documents about plagiarism.

Deadline: The seminar papers have to be handed in by 02.01.2012 to the assistant of the seminar.

Further documents

General information about the requirements of seminar papers in seminars given by Prof. Dr. Berentsen can be found under: Information sheet seminar.

Letzte Änderung: 30.11.2011