Master Thesis in Blockchain related Topics


If you are interested in writing a Master Thesis, feel free to contact us via email. We are open to topic propositions and also have a list of topic proposals.

The minimum requirement to register is that you have passed at least 18 credits from the core modules and have already acquired a total of 30 CP from the core module Business, core module Economics and the advanced modules. 

For general information please refer to the faculty guidelines

We provide a LaTex Template that should help you to fulfill the formal requirements. For students who want to prepare themselves for working with scientific software, the university offers introductory courses


Topics and Previous Theses

We provide a list with several topic proposals. Depending on your background specific topics may be more or less  suitable. Choose wisely. Alternatively, feel free to approach us with your own research idea.  

Please note, that we are not interested in purely qualitative analyses, e.g. "expert interviews". You are expected to either perform a (game) theoretical, an empirical or a technical analysis. 



The master thesis lasts 15 weeks. We recommend to contact us at an early stage

Research Seminar to present Master and PhD Thesis

Everyone who writes a master thesis in Blockchain related topics will get an opportunity to present an early version of his or her work as part of the Blockchain Research Seminar. Although this is optional, it is highly recommended to make use of this occasion, since you will receive valuable feedback. Moreover, you get a chance to get back on track if things should go wrong. 

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