Financial Reporting and Analysis by Prof. Dr. Philip Joos

Prof. Dr. Philip Joos

With a variety of practical examples 🌏 the students 🧑🏼🎓👩🎓 were able to familiarise themselves with the key aspects of Financial Reporting and Analysis.

The primary objective of this module by Prof. Dr. Philip Joos (Tilburg University School of Economics and Management and TIAS School for Business and Society) was to advance the understanding of financial reporting. Corporate financial statements are a key source of information about the economic activities of a firm. This course was intended to enhance the ability to reconstruct economic events from financial statement disclosures and to aid in developing a coordinated set of concepts and principles to serve as a framework for analyzing a wide variety of financial reporting issues (fair values, off balance sheet items, revenue recognition and earnings management).The aim of the course was not to emphasise the technical aspects of accounting.

Another highlight🌟 of the module was the guest lecture by Jochem Quaak/ Kroll Valuation Services ( He gave the students exciting insights into the topics of goodwill impairment and purchase price allocation, pension reporting and conducted an accounting analysis using a case study.

Many thanks🤝 to Prof. Dr. Philip Joos and Jochem Quaak for their valuable lectures 💪💯.

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