The professorship in epidemiology and household economics at the University of Basel works at the intersection between public health and health economics. Supported by the Eckenstein-Geigy Foundation, our team works on a wide range of projects involving three broad types of studies:

  1. Studies assessing new interventions to improve health behavior and health outcomes – these studies are usually set up as randomized controlled trials. 
  2. Studies assessing the relative cost-effectiveness of interventions and control strategies – these studies mostly rely on modeling approaches.
  3. Studies assessing the long-run returns to health investments – we use historical and cohort data to estimate the welfare implications of investing in health in general, and of early life investments in particular. 


We currently offer a class in Global Health Economics at the WWZ as well as a class on Demography for Health and a class on Current Ecological and Health Issues at the Swiss TPH.  We also supervise master's thesis in both epidemiology and economics - please kindly just contact us via email if you are interested. 

Current Projects