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Autumn Term

10134-01 Lecture: Intermediate Microeconomics | Bachelor | 6 KP

Microeconomic analysis describes individual behavior as a consequence of goals and opportunities and attempts to explain the outcomes of interaction between individuals on this basis. This lecture provides the basic features of such a microeconomic analysis of the interaction between consumers and firms in markets.

41904-01 Lecture: Industrial Organization | Master | 3 KP

The course familiarizes students with various topics of modern industrial organization. We analyze the role of imperfectly competitive markets for firms' strategic decisions on, for example, product differentiation, advertising, and price discrimination. We also examine the firms' responses to changes in the market environment. Main analytical tools will be microeconomic theory and game theory.

62651-01 Lecture: Theory of the Firm | Master | 3 KP

Why do firms exist? When are transactions organized over the market and when are they placed within firms? Why are firms organized the way they are? Traditional economic models leave little room for firms or other organizations as they focus on market exchange between individuals. This course will introduce students to microeconomic models that try to explain the existence, structure, and behavior of firms as we observe them in the real world. The course will provide a basic understanding of many important aspects of firms’ organization and behavior such as the decision to make or buy, vertical integration, informational aspects and contracting, and incentive contracts.


Spring Term

41905-01 Lecture: Introduction to Industrial Organization | Bachelor | 6 KP

This course is an introduction to industrial organization. Industrial organization is a branch of microeconomics that studies imperfect competition and concerns the structure, management and performance of firms and markets. We will study determinants of market structure, firm costs, pricing decisions and strategic interactions among firms. We will also examine antitrust and other regulatory responses to market power.

Master's Thesis

Next Level

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