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Documents for the lecture courses are available on [the learning platform] ADAM.

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Master`s Thesis and Seminar Papers at the Department of Finance

Please note that there are specific requirements for writing a Master’s thesis in terms of completed coursework and seminars

Students are always welcome to write their Master’s Thesis at our department. 

1) Before you drop us an e-mail, we ask you to read the following document:

General Procedure Master Thesis.pdf

2) Please notice that there are specific requirements for writing a Master’s thesis in terms of completed coursework and seminars:

3) Notice that we do not provide official lists with topics to choose from. This is intentional, as we think students should choose their topics with an open mind. There are many sources where good topics can be found; for example books, newspapers and journals. Please spend some time reading and thinking about what you would like to do. If you are struggling to find a topic, we will be happy to give you some suggestions and help you out! We also think it is important for you to grapple with the subject first.

4) When it comes to writing a paper or thesis, we recommend that you read the following text (courtesy of John Cochrane). It is intended for Ph.D. students, but also serves as an excellent guide for writing papers in general. Ph.D. Paper Writing.pdf

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Master’s thesis

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For general information about Master’s thesis, go to website of Studiendekanats /Dean of Studies Office.

If you wish to write your Master’s thesis with me [as your supervisor], please contact me by e-mail.