Seminar: Monetary Economics (31905-01, Master, 6 KP)


In 2009, Bitcoin was created to establish a new currency. Different from other currencies that are created by central banks or banks that also verify transactions, Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that does not rely on a central agency to verify transactions or create money. It is based on the Blockchain, which consists of verified transactions and thus serves as memory. Following the idea of Bitcoin, many cryptoassets have benn created in recent years to serve various purposes, forming a crypto finance ecosystem.



Aleksander Berentsen [ contact ]           


Romina Ruprecht [ contact ]


September 18th, 2017; 14:15-16:00; S13


November 23rd, 2017; 09:00-14:30; S4

Application Deadline


Application Requirements

See Seminar Guidelines


  • Send three preferred topics to Romina Ruprecht until Sunday, September 24th.
  • New deadline for the slides for the presentations is Wednesday, November 22nd.


In order to apply for the seminar, please fill out the application-form provided on the centralized webpage for Master-seminars offered at the economic faculty in Basel [Link]. The application deadline has expired.

In order to be considered for a slot in our seminar, the following requirements need to be fulfilled:

  • A minimum of 30 CPs.
  • Have passed the following lecture: Monetary Theory (10645-01)
  • Additionally, we strongly recommend that students have attended the lecture: Advanced Economic Theory/ Microeconomics and Psychology of Decision Making (31960-01)
  • Furthermore, you should be aware that all papers have to be written in English.

Note that in addition, the following premises apply:

  • The application is binding.
  • In case of non-participation after registration it will be noted as "nicht erschienen" in the transcript.
  • For a break up after receiving a subject and title, the seminar will be graded with a "1.0".


Topics can be found here. Send three preferred topics to Romina Ruprecht until Sunday, September 24th.

Seminar Paper

All the relevant information concerning the editorial work of your paper can be found in the Seminar guidelines.

Deadline: Sunday, December 31st 2017, Midnight.

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Presentations take place on November 23rd, 2017 and are required to be in English. Each student has an assigned time slot of 30 minutes. Please leave some room for questions.

Deadline for handing in the presentations (by mail to is Wednesday, November 22nd, midnight.

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