Core areas of our research and teaching

Corporate financing and valuation, portfolio management, risk management, corporate governance, real estate finance, venture capital

In both teaching and research, we focus on the key areas of modern financial management. At its core, this involves analyzing and understanding decisions regarding corporate investing, financing, and risk management. These decisions are naturally embedded in a corporation’s strategy and strongly depend on the firm’s business environment and the state of the financial markets. Clearly, understanding economic and regulatory framework conditions, such as financial market regulation and accounting standards is essential. Financial management therefore is perceived as a key pillar of corporate management, where a profound knowledge of both business and economics is crucial. Specific topics in this field include firm valuation and financing, corporate transactions, and financial market instruments, as well as market, credit, and currency risks.

In addition to teaching and research, our objective is also to foster knowledge transfer between academia and the private sector.

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Office 3.49 Faculty of Business and Economics
Financial Management
Peter Merian-Weg 6
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