At the end of your studies, you will write a master's thesis and thus provide proof that you can write an independent research-oriented paper. In order to register your master's thesis, you must fulfill certain requirements, which are specified in the respective study regulations.

It is important to note that students write their master thesis in accordance with the rules and procedures of their home university.

Are you enrolled at the University of Berne and interested in writing your master thesis under the supervision of faculty member from the University of Basel? Please contact the MIME contact person at the University of Bern for further information.

Are you enrolled at the University of Basel and interested in writing your master thesis under the supervision of faculty member from the University of Bern? Please contact the MIME contact person at the University of Basel for further information.

The master's thesis is preferably written at the end of the master's program. However, the following prerequisites must be met in any case at the time of registration:

  • Successful completion of 18 CP from the module “Advanced Topics of Economics”.
  • Completion of the second semester
  • The approval of the supervising faculty member

The supervision can be carried out by all full-time professors at the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Basel or at the Institute of Economics of the University of Bern. The examination board decides on exceptions. Requests must be submitted by the student in writing to the Dean of Studies, stating the reasons for the request.

The student has the right to have at least one personal discussion with the supervising lecturer about the structure of the thesis or any open questions during the writing of the master's thesis.

Scope: 30 CP | Duration: 20 weeks

Please note that 30 CP convert to 900 hours of work (1 CP = 30 h) in accordance with the Bologna rules. Thus, the duration of 20 weeks can be seen as a full job equivalent. After the submission of the master's thesis, the supervising faculty member has two months, within which the evaluation and grading must be completed and sent to the Dean of Studies’ Office.

The title page of the master's thesis must contain the following information:

  • Title of the thesis
  • Name of the student
  • Matriculation number of the student
  • Name of the supervising lecturer(s)
  • Date of submission

Students must also submit the following signed Declaration of Authorship at the end of the thesis:

I hereby declare - that I have written this master’s thesis without any help from others and without the use of documents and aids other than those stated in the references, - that I have mentioned all the sources used and that I have cited them correctly according to the established academic citation rules, - that the topic or part of it are not already the object of any work or examination of another course unless explicitly stated,- that I am aware of the consequences of plagiarism at the Business and Economics Faculty of University of Basel.“

30 CP master's thesis:

The processing time for master's theses is 20 weeks. The supervisor has two months for the assessment of the master's thesis. This results in the following deadlines:

 Fall 21Spring 22Fall 22Spring 23
Registration for master's thesis01.08.2101.03.2201.08.2201.03.23
Submission of master's thesis20.12.2118.07.2219.12.2217.08.23
Expert opinion of master' thesis14.02.2212.09.2212.02.2311.09.23
Graduation ceremony29.04.2228.10.22Date followsDate follows

We recommend you to contact the potential supervisor(s) at an early stage and clarify whether supervi-sion in the desired area is possible in terms of time and content. Please inform your supervisor(s) that you are a MIME student.

If the supervisor(s) agree(s), please report your topic and the name of your supervisor(s) to the Dean of Studies’ Office ( and the program coordinator ( You will receive a short notice if you can proceed with your thesis as intended.

Afterwards, make an appointment with the supervising lecturer(s) to discuss the topic in more detail. Following the meeting, complete the registration form and send it, dated and signed by both parties, to and a copy to the supervisor(s). The form can be signed electronically or by hand and scanned.

The 20-week period runs from the date of the interview noted on the registration form. The Dean of Studies’ Office will confirm the deadline by e-mail after receiving the registration.

Registration can be done on an ongoing basis. However, with regard to graduation, students should take into account the relevant deadlines (processing time: 20 weeks, correction deadline: two months).

Please note that the evaluation of the master's thesis including the grade must be submitted to the Dean of Studies’ Office one week before the start of lectures in the subsequent semester so that the degree can be awarded in the current semester and that enrollment in the following semester is not required. The precise deadlines are published by the Dean of Studies’ Office.

Please submit the master's thesis as follows:

  • By e-mail to the supervisor(s) and a copy to the Dean of Studies’ Office (
  • Submission through your or account
  • On due time. Meaning: By 12:00 noon of the submission date recorded on the registration form. Central European Time (CET) applies.

Lecturers may still request one or two printed and bound copies of the master's thesis. This must be noted accordingly on the registration form. Printed copies can be handed in personally at the Dean of Studies’ Office (please check opening hours) or sent by mail to the Office of the Dean of Studies. Direct delivery to the supervisor is also possible. The successful transmission of your e-mail will be confirmed with an autoreply. If you do not receive such a message, please contact the Dean of Studies’ Office immediately. After submitting your master's thesis, you and the supervisor will additionally receive an e-mail from the Dean of Studies' Office confirming the correction deadline for the master's thesis.

After submitting your master's thesis, the supervisor has two months to evaluate it. For this purpose, he / she prepares an expert opinion on your master's thesis and sends it to the Dean of Studies’ Office. Here, the grade is entered into your MOnA account. At the same time, you will receive the grade notifi-cation by e-mail. The Dean of Studies’ Office will send you the expert opinion. If you apply to graduate, your application will be assessed and you will receive a graduation confirmation and a provisional degree transcript.

A master's thesis that is graded as failed will be assessed and graded by another member of the faculty or an external expert selected by the examination committee. The final grade of the master's thesis is the average of these two grades. A failed master's thesis may be repeated once. A second “fail” will result in exclusion from the master’s program of the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Basel.



Dr. Beat Spirig
Program Coordinator at the University of Basel