The Summer School offers students a unique opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the subjects of Business, Law, and Economic Policy with an interdisciplinary and intercultural perspective. The aim of the summer school is to better understand how the US and Europe take different approaches in tackling societal and business-related problems. As a consequence it is studied, how legal frameworks, policies and regulations differ to address these problems.

Renowned professors from Georgetown University, New York University and Yale University lead the interactive courses; these include Financing New Ventures, The Artificial Intelligence Economy, Competitive Strategy and Experimental Development Economics.

Students enrolled in the master’s program have the opportunity to attend the Master Seminar in Business, Law and Economic Policy (including a trip to Washington DC and New York City) where they will present their seminar papers to an international audience. The program also facilitates public and research events which will be held in Basel.

Experience an American style of teaching by renowned professors from leading universities while staying in Basel.