Let's get international.

Specialize in International Business.

Thanks to our revised Master in Business and Economics, you have the chance to specialize in the area of International Business by choosing a Major in International Business, Trade, and the Environment. Our Summer School courses play a key role in this new major.

Interested? Be part of the following lectures.

In addition, you have the great opportunity to write your master’s thesis with a focus on International Business. Reach out and let’s discuss!

Experience Georgetown, NYU and Yale in Basel.

Be part of a unique opportunity to deepen your knowledge in the subjects of Business, Law, and Economic Policy with an interdisciplinary and intercultural perspective.

The aim of the summer school is to better understand how the US and Europe take different approaches in tackling societal and business-related problems. As a consequence it is studied, how legal frameworks, policies and regulations differ to address these problems.

And what is best: These interactive courses are led by renowned professors from Georgetown University, New York University and Yale University!

The U.S. Seminar: Pack your bags.

Have you always wanted to see the inside of an American university? How about a visit to the World Bank, the IMF or the Fed?

You can experience all this thanks to the U.S. Seminar, the highlight of the Summer School program. In preparation, you will write a seminar paper (6 CP), which you will then present to an international audience of researchers from Georgetown University and New York University.

That's what international studying is all about!