We are ready to kick off!

Come join us at the Orientation Event 2024 of the Summer School in Law, Business, and Economic Policy:

"What’s on the 2024 Agenda – A Lively Discussion on State and Perspectives of the Presidential Election incl. Latest News on This Year’s Course Program"

Monday, 4 March 2024 at 6.15 pm - 6.45 pm on Zoom

We are looking forward to seeing you all.

Prof. Rolf Weder | Chairman Summer School       Prof. Jeffrey Macher | Georgetown University       Prof. David Yermack | New York University

The program in summer 2024 reflects the future challenges for business, society and policy. It takes into account the Basel environment with world-class multinational companies and optimally uses our international network of researchers and teachers to the benefit of our students.

Courses are particularly designed for the students enrolled at the University of Basel, but are also open for motivated and good students from other universities all over the world – particularly, however, from other universities in Switzerland and the Basel metropolitan area (EUCOR-program).

All courses are taught in English by faculty members of U.S. universities at the University of Basel.  All courses are part of either the Bachelor Arts (BA) in Business and Economics or the Master of Science (MSc) in Business and Economics offered by the Faculty of Business and Economics. A number of courses are also part of additional, specialized Master programs.

Bachelor level

Courses on the bachelor level introduce students to “Law and Economics” which is a subfield of economics that takes into account the regulatory framework of markets including the associated law and its analysis. In addition, we offer courses on important current issues and which combine business and economics, theory and real world challenges or links to the regulatory environment and thus the law.

Master level

Since 2022 students in the Master of Science in Business and Economics can specialize in the area of International Business by obtaining a Major in International Business, Trade and the Environment. The courses  offered by Prof. Jensen, Prof. Macher and Prof. Mayo play a key role in this major.