Law and Economics as a field emerged in the last century, primarily thanks to the work of academics at the University of Chicago. In 1958, Aaron Director not only founded the Journal of Law and Economics, but Geroge Stigler also joined the Law School of Chicago. Thanks to the impressive composition of the faculty in the 1970s (George Stigler, Ronald Coase, Milton Friedman, Richard Posner, and Gary Becker) the field of Law and Economics grew into a major academic field.

Prof. Geoffrey P. Miller joined the University of Chicago Law School in 1983. He was fortunate to be able to discuss and exchange ideas with Becker, Coase,
Friedman, Stigler, and others in person and served as a Director of the Program in Law and Economics, shaping its further development. Since 1995, Geoffrey Miller is a Professor at the NYU Law School.

Join and discuss with us to shape an insightful evening with Prof. Geoffrey P. Miller: A founding figure also of our Summer School, and retiring from the program in 2024.