Products liability in the digital age entails reckoning with the transformative shift away from in-person purchases at brick-and-mortar stores to digital purchases from e-commerce platforms. The epochal rise of the online storefront has vastly expanded the prevalence of direct-to-consumer sales, implicating com-plex questions of how liability rules should respond when those consumers are harmed by the products they buy, especially in this age of international e-commerce and cross-border sales.

Prof. Sharkey will develop her thoughts on the theoretical and conceptual basis for holding online platforms liable. Thereby, she will emphasize the role of tort law (“Deliktsrecht”) as a “transitional” mechanism to regulate in areas of great uncertainty. She will then dis-tinguish between different stages of the devel-opment of products liability over time and discuss the notion of platforms as “cheapest cost avoiders”.

Prof. Sharkey teaches the Bachelor course “The Law and Economics of Regulating Medical Products” from 17  to 27 July 11 as part of the Summer School program 2023.

Please register for the event, preferably before 19 July.




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