Public Event on July 21, 2016


"Innovation and Regulation in the Pharmaceutical Industry"

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most productive, and at the same time, one of the most heavily regulated industries in Switzerland.

Whereas Professor Catherine Sharkey (New York University and permanent guest professor of the Summer School of Law, Business and Economic Policy at the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Basel) gave an introduction into the different regulatory principles in Europe and the United States, Professor Herbert Zech (University of Basel) emphasized the importance of different instruments in protecting intellectual property.

In the following panel discussion, Prof. Rolf Weder (University of Basel) gave the two representatives of the regulators, Dr. Carlo Conti (WENGER PLATTNER), and the producers, Dr. Urs Jaisli (Roche Group Basel), the opportunity to express their view on the state of regulation in pharmaceuticals. The event led to an intensive debate among all four panelists about the desirability of a more liability-oriented regulatory policy with less fine-tuning of the regulator in the process of product approval. The audience was also able to ask a number of important questions.