49078-01 - Kurs: Research Design Master’s Thesis | Master | 3 KP

Writing a master's thesis on a sustainability relevant topic is the masterpiece of the MSD study program. Students are expected to use productively their acquired knowledge (in terms of methods and sustainability related content) for analyzing a specific topic. However, developing a research design that copes with scientific scrutiny and accuracy is by far not an easy endeavour. Questions like ‘How can I find an interesting topic?’ or ‘According to which criteria should I decide to go for a specific method?’ or - and most important – ‘Why and how do I have to link my research design to the ongoing scientific discourse?’ are waiting to be answered.

This course is thought to support the students in developing in a structured, systematic and scientific manner their research proposal. Students get familiar with necessary elements of a master thesis (problem framing, introduction, background, aims, hypothesis, research questions, methods, results, discussion, reflection/contribution to the scientific debate etc. Students also learn how they can identify a valuable research topic in the field of sustainable development. Some elements are thereby generic, i.e. independent of a specific disciplinary perspective. Other elements are, to the contrary, highly dependent on the chosen disciplinary field. Still other elements are concerned with capturing intersections between the field.

Against this backdrop, the class will be jointly given by the three teachers at the beginning, when it comes to unfold the generic components. Subsequently the group will split into three groups and the students will develop their research proposal along the specific requirements according their own focus areas. Vorlesungsverzeichnis