The minute you're not learning I believe you're dead.

Jack Nicholson

Lernen ist Erfahrung. Alles andere ist einfach nur Information.

Albert Einstein

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Unser Lehrangebot richtet sich sowohl an Studierende aus dem Studiengang "Sustainable Development" als auch an Studierende der Wirtschaftswissenschaften. Zur Zeit bieten wir die folgenden Kurse an:

Vorlesungen Umweltökonomie



14255-01 - Vorlesung: Advanced Environmental Economics | Master | 3 KP

This course addresses topics from current research in environmental economics. The focus is on designing environmental policy with most applications stemming from climate and energy policy. The course will cover three important elements of designing environmental policy:
1) The ability to cope with complications in the short run, such as missing information about costs and benefits, market power or imperfect compliance;
2) The influence of policy on technological change in the long run;
3) The evaluation of policy targets: How to set policy targets under uncertainty about costs and benefits.

41684-01 - Kolloquium: Modeling in Environmental and Energy Economics | Master | 3 KP

This course focuses on model building in environmental and energy economics. We discuss the purpose of economic models, types of models, approaches for setting up theoretical and numerical models, solving those models, and interpreting their results. During the course, groups of students will together build a simple model and use it to answer an assigned research question. The course consists of online material and supervised group work. Vorlesungsverzeichnis

48953-01 - Kernvorlesung: Sustainable Development: Introduction into Topics and Approaches | Master | 3 KP

In this introductory course (core lecture), participants are familiarized with the topic of sustainability from scientific perspectives. In this lecture, a first insight into the background, the history, and the important concepts of SD will be provided. An overview on the important current topics in sustainable development and their peculiarities will be given. As well, the political and the societal meaning and the scientific approaches towards SD will be discussed. Vorlesungsverzeichnis

28953-01 - Vorlesung: Resource Economics | Master | 3 KP

This course introduces models and methods from resource economics at the example of water management. It covers the theory of exhaustible and renewable resources, analysis of dynamic systems, optimal control theory, aquifer management, river basin management, and management of complex resource systems. Weiter


10160-01 - Vorlesung: Environmental and Resource Economics | Bachelor | 6 KP

The course communicates an essential understanding of the need for and mechanism of environmental and resource policy. Students learn to apply micro-economic theory to analyze challenges in environmental and resource economics. Completing the course students are able to use these methods to evaluate recent environmental challenges such as global warming and air pollution and to critical reflect on policy approaches including the need for regulation as well as choice and design of regulatory instruments. Vertretung Prof. Krysiak: Jan Abrell, ETH Zürich Vorlesungsverzeichnis

50729-01 - Projekt: Training for Sustainabilty Research | Master | 6 KP 

Participants will work in small, interdisciplinary groups on pre-selected topics of sustainability research. Typically, the topics will be linked to on-going research projects of the research groups supervising this course. The group work will mainly build on existing studies; the student groups will assess and link scientific literature from the different disciplines and combine these studies to a consistent interdisciplinary review on a given topic. The emphasis is thus on combining disciplinary approaches. To this end, participants will get both a joint supervision focusing on how to combine disciplinary approaches and a group-specific supervision focusing on the topic set for the group. Vorlesungsverzeichnis

50399-01 - Kolloquium: Introduction to Ongoing MSD Master's Thesis| Master | 1 KP

Within the study program of MSD, students have to register 3 times in a 'master's thesis colloquium'. This colloquium in spring semester 2018 is the the first one. The participants learn to understand the presented research designs, pose questions, and learn to give feedback (using a special feedback form). Vorlesungsverzeichnis

49078-01 - Kurs: Research Design Master’s Thesis | Master | 3 KP

Writing a master's thesis on a sustainability relevant topic is the masterpiece of the MSD study program. Students are expected to use productively their acquired knowledge (in terms of methods and sustainability related content) for analyzing a specific topic. However, developing a research design that copes with scientific scrutiny and accuracy is by far not an easy endeavour. Weiter

40134-01 - Vorlesung: Environment and Technical Change in Endogenous Growth Theory | Master | 3 KP

The course starts with neo-classical growth models with environmental and resource modules and continue through endogenous growth theory with environment of 1990-s up to recent research in this area. Every lecture is concentrated on one seminar paper which influenced the later developments with the idea to trace the chronological evolution of thought. Weiter

19797-01 - Vorlesung: Europäische Umweltpolitik: Instrumente und Anwendungsbeispiele | Bachelor | 3 KP

Die Aufgabe der modernen Umweltpolitik ist Umweltziele kosteneffizient zu erreichen. Die Vorlesung stützt sich auf aktuelle Beispiele der Umweltpolitik aus der Europäischen Union. Da viele aktuelle Umweltprobleme von überregionaler Natur und Relevanz sind, wird sich die Diskussion darüber hinaus auch auf den internationalen Rahmen erstrecken. Weiter

43700-01 - Vorlesung mit Übungen: Perspectives of Economics on Sustainability | Bachelor | 3 KP

The lecture is offered within the scope of the trans-faculty program "Sustainable Development (TQNE)". The program consists of 3 introductory lectures with practical course (lecture A and B offered in fall semesters; this lecture is C and always offered in spring semesters) dedicated to conveying the foundations of sustainable development. Weiter

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