Writing a Master's Thesis:


Topic Recommendations:

We are currently looking for master's theses applications on blockchain and cryptoassets. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your own proposals are welcome, but we also have a backlog of topic suggestions.

Generally, the theses must be written in English. 


List of Completed Master's Theses:


  • Regulation of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) - An International Comparison with Focus on Switzerland (pdf) - David Stacher
  • Blockchain: Audit Applications (pdf) - Dennis Kanwar
  • The Price of Cryptocurrencies: An Empirical Analysis (pdf) - Joel Wiedmer
  • Scaling Bitcoin (pdf) - Remo Nyffenegger
  • Designing a cryptocurrency and a detailed analysis on anonymous schemes (pdf) - Tobias Petri


  • Swiss Monetary Policy since the Recent Financial Crisis - An Analysis of Unconventional Instruments (pdf) - Markovic, Josipa
  • Money, Sight and Term Deposits - A New Monetarist Approach (pdf) - Ziegler, Lukas 
  • Negative Interest Rates as Monetary Policy Tool (pdf) - Ruprecht, Romina


  • High Inflation Currencies - An Analysis of the Rate-of-Return Dominance Puzzle (pdf) - Campell, Anna
  • WIR: Eine ökonomische Analyse der Komplementärwährung zum Schweizer Franken (pdf) - Vuillaume, Philippe
  • Bitcoin Mining: An Economic Analysis - Schär, Fabian


  • Islamic Finance: Asymmetric Information in Profit-and Loss-Sharing Contracts (pdf) - Kömling, David

  • Monetary Policy, Financial Deepening and the Market for Ideas (pdf) - Altermatt, Lukas
  • An Analysis of the Swiss Money Market (pdf) - Ossonich, Maximilian
  • Income Inequality and Distributional Effects of Publicly Provided Services (pdf) - Graf, Joel
  • On Price Setting and Online Ratings (pdf) - Buchmann, Manuel
  • DSGE models for developing economies: an application to Morocco (pdf) - University of Lausanne, Ait Lahcen, Mohammed


  • On the Microfoundation of Islamic Capital Market Products (pdf) - Maraj, Bujar

  • An Overlapping Generations Model of the Search Market for Ideas (pdf) - Buenter, Noemi

  • On the Microfoundation of Islamic Finance (pdf) - Koch, Philipp

  • Uncertainty, credit and distributional effects of monetary policy in a Lagos-Wright framework (pdf) - Gersely, Rafael
  • Financial Intermediation and the Welfare Cost of Inflation (pdf) - Imhof, Adrian
  • Öffnung der Einkommensschere in der Schweiz: Fakten und Mythen (pdf) - Heggli, Florian


  • Central Bank Policy in the European Sovereign Debt Crisis (pdf) - Madison, Florian

  • Liquidity Hoarding and Lotteries (pdf) - Müller, Benjamin


  • Optimale Wechselkurspolitik in einer kleinen offenen Volkswirtschaft bei nominellen Rigiditäten (pdf) - Staubli, David


  • The Role of Liquidity and Financial Intermediation for Investment (pdf) - Overney, Valentin

  • Unkonventionelle Geldpolitik: Welche Exitstrategien stehen zur Verfügung? (pdf) - Hoffmann, Daniel

  • "Too-Big-To-Fail" Problematik: Reform der Bankenregulierung und Konsequenzen für den Finanzplatz Schweiz (pdf) - Rickenbacher, David

  • Paying Interest on Money (pdf) - Willi, Raphael


  • European Job Finding Rates: Evidence from the European Community Household Panel (pdf) - Sigrist, Oliver

  • A Microfoundation of the Term Structure (pdf) - Huber, Samuel