Prof. Dr. Sarah M. Lein

Sarah M. Lein is associate professor of macroeconomics at the University of Basel. Before joining the Uni Basel in November 2014, she worked as a Senior Economist in the Economic Analysis Unit at the Swiss National Bank. She received her doctoral degree from the University of Zurich in 2009.

Sarah's research interests lie in the fields of monetary economics, international macroeconomics and finance, and business cycles. Her most recent research focuses on the effect of exchange-rate changes on prices and expenditures, the role of currency of invoicing for allocations, on the role of financial constraints for employment and capital adjustment, and on the intersection between price-setting behaviour of firms at the microeconomic level and the inflation process at the macroeconomic level.

She is also a research fellow at the CEPR MEF Programme, a research fellow at the KOF ETH Zurich and Chief Operating Officer and liaison officer at the European Chapter of CEBRA (Central Bank Research Association).

Prof. Dr. Sarah M. Lein

Prof. Dr. Sarah M. Lein
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