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Welcome to the website of the department of Macroeconomics at the University of Basel.

Our research focuses on issues in empirical macroeconomics and international economics, in particular on the empirical evaluation and estimation of theoretical macroeconomic models and the resulting policy implications.  For example, we analyze micro-level price data from surveys or homescan data sources, firm-level balance sheet data, and consumers’ price expectations/perceptions collected in surveys to improve our understanding of inflation, business cycles and shock transmission.

We combine recent research results and current issues in macroeconomics and monetary policy with textbook models in our lectures and seminars. We want to encourage students to think critically about current events in macroeconomics and the effect of economic policy actions, having in mind both predictions from theoretical models and empirical evidence.

Central Bank Research Association (CEBRA)

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The Chair of Macroeconomics hosts the Secretariat of the Central Bank Research Association (CEBRA).

CEBRA promotes policy-relevant research and represents the interests of central banks in the academic world. Its mission is to encourage applied and theoretical research on topics relevant to central banks, financial regulators, international financial institutions, and fiscal authorities, as well as to connect the research staff of these institutions with academia. CEBRA currently connects researchers from around 60 central banks, IFIs, and academic institutions.

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