The Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Basel offers an attractive, widely applicable education for future economists and executives who want to take up a dynamic, responsible role in a commercial, civic or political institution. The complexity of the Economic Sciences is understood holistically, and any specialization too early on in the branch of either Business or Economics is discouraged, being considered unproductive. The Faculty seeks to further improve the quality of studying for degrees: improved flexibility with the availability of more options in the choice of specialist fields and study locations; clearly-specified options in selecting courses to make up the degree; an increased offering of interdisciplinary subjects; and international compatibility.

The University of Basel has agreements with various European and non-European universities. As part of these agreements, students from partner universities have the opportunity to study at the University of Basel for one to two semesters.

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or the website of the Student Exchange Office of the University of Basel

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Please contact the Student Exchange Office of the University of Basel for further Information.

Bilateral exchange programs

Please contact Sandra Viehmeier


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