30 Mär 2023

WWZ Auditorium

WWZ Dekanat

Public Inaugural Lecture by Prof. Dr. Yuna Heo: «How Climate Change Affects Corporate Finance»

Invitation by the Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics Prof. Dr. Rolf Weder to the high authorities, the university`s teaching community, the students and all those interested in science.

Prof. Dr. Yuna Heo

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our times. The complex effect of climate change gives us an alarming attention. Companies, governments and policymakers are increasingly concerned about unprecedented damages caused by climate change. In this talk, I address how climate change impacts financial stability and corporate finance decisions. I discuss how climate change affects corporate investment choices, firm precautionary cash holdings, and macro prudential risk. I also reflect on the prospective channels through which climate change affects economic and financial outcomes. Further, I introduce the state-level climate adaptation actions, which can possibly curb the potentially detrimental impact by climate change.

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