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Why Do Autonomous Employees Intensify Their Work? | Dr. Julia Starzetz | diss:kurs 2024

Julia Starzetz

Julia Starzetz is one of seven doctoral candidates and postdocs presented their projects at the diss:kurs 2024. The videos of their ten-minute presentations provide some truly inspiring insights into their research.

A widely accepted explanation for this phenomenon is the autonomy-control paradox, according to which work intensification can occur when companies combine the granting of employee autonomy with organizational practices that provide for explicit and implicit control of their employees. In her talk, Julia Starzetz discusses the role of intrinsic employee motivation in increasing the work intensification of autonomous employees and the consequences for employees' health and well-being. This video is a recording of Julia Starzetz's presentation at the diss:kurs 2024 event, where doctoral candidates and postdocs of the University of Basel presented their research project to an academic and broader public.