PhD Program

Since Spring 2019, graduate education has been offered through the Graduate School of Business and Economics (GSBE). On this page you will find information about the PhD program as well as the relevant forms and regulations. 


Structure of the PhD program

The doctoral degree includes the course work, the research proposal, the dissertation, and the doctoral examination.

More information about the course work and how to earn or transfer credits can be found here.

All doctoral students are required to write a research proposal at the beginning of the doctorate, which serves as the basis for the first research paper and the evaluation at the end of the first year. The research proposal process is coordinated by the Graduate School, they will supply you with the necessary form. If you have any questions, contact the GSBE coordinator. After the evaluation, doctoral students are required to submit their doctoral agreement. 

A second supervisor is added to the doctoral committee by the end of the first year, further supervisors may be added if needed. The forms for this can be found below.

Regular progress meetings between supervisors and PhD students are expected. The GSBE recommends documenting these meetings, e.g. with the form below. The form may be submitted to the GSBE coordination for documentation purposes (optional)