14333 Competiton Policy

The purpose of the course is to provide an interactive learning experience that highlights the economic, legal and policy foundations of competition law, especially focusing on monopolization and merger policies. The course consists of both lectures and student participation. Through this experience a number of specific benefits result. First, at a very general level, students gain an enhanced understanding of when markets work and when markets fail. This deeper understanding of markets, in turn, provides the relevant benchmark against which to judge appropriate and inappropriate government policies toward business. Second, a more specific set of benefits flow from a detailed study of antitrust and regulatory policies. These policies shape industry structure and, therefore, strategy in many industries. Specific examples include recent and lively debates in the United States and around the world regarding mergers, monopolization, and broadband access to the internet, line of business restrictions in the telecommunications industry, and privatization and deregulation of the electric utility industry. Finally, the specific cases discussed focus on active and visible "new economy" industries. An improved exposure to these industries enriches and broadens business knowledge.



Prof. John Mayo
Professor of Economics, Business and Public Policy
McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University


Duration: 20 - 30 August 2018
Place: S15

Monday 20.08.2018: 14.00-16.30
Tuesday 21.08.2018: 14.00-16.30
Wednesday 22.08.2018: 14.00-16.30
Thursday 23.08.2018: 14.00-16.30

Monday 27.08.2018: 14.00-16.30
Tuesday 28.08.2018: 14.00-16.30
Wednesday 29.08.2018: 14.00-16.30
Thursday 30.08.2018: 14.00-16.30



31 August 2018, 10:00 - 12:00  (S15)


Recommended Prerequisites

Solid understanding of business and economics on the BA level.

In addition, the following courses on the Master level are recommended:
Industrial Organization, 41904
Advanced Industrial Organization (Fortgeschrittene Industrieökonomie, 10623)
Economic Theory of Policy (Ökonomische Theorie der Politik, 15965)


Course Information

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