20398 Venture Capital and Private Equity

The course focuses on a distinct type capital broadly classified as Private Equity. Venture Capital is a specific form of private equity (others being buy-out funds). The impact of this source of capital is considerably larger than its size. It is frequently cited as one of the main reasons why entrepreneurial activity is much higher in the United States compared to the other parts of the world. European policy makers have frequently cited the lack of vibrant private equity (especially venture capital) for Europe's inability to compete in high-technology industries. In recent years the pace of fund raising as well as investment by private equity funds in Europe has picked up considerably. This course introduces students to the private equity and venture capital industry. The course focuses on describing the "Private Equity Cycle". The cycle begins when a typical fund raises money from investors such as pension funds, then invests the raised money in entrepreneurial firms and finally harvests the returns by selling its investments either to another buyer or through an Initial Public Offering (IPO).



Prof. Sandeep Dahiya
Associate Professor of Finance
McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University


Duration: 2 - 12 July 2018
Place: S14, Faculty of Business and Economics, Peter Merian-Weg 6

Monday 02.07.2018: 09.00-11.30
Tuesday 03.07.2018: 09.00-11.30
Wednesday 04.07.2018: 09.00-11.30
Thursday 05.07.2018: 09.00-11.30

Monday 09.07.2018: 09.00-11.30
Tuesday 10.07.2018: 09.00-11.30
Wednesday 11.07.2018: 09.00-11.30
Thursday 12.07.2018: 09.00-11.30



24-hour take-home final exam


Recommended Prerequisites

Introduction to Financial Markets (Einführung in die Finanzmärkte, 23516)
Evaluation of Investments and Companies (Investitions- und Unternehmensbewertung, 10127)


Course Information

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