Autumn Term 2021

24261-01 | Seminar: Bachelorarbeit in Public Choice and Public Economics | Alois Stutzer | Syllabus


Spring Term 2021

23518-01 | Vorlesung: Einführung in die Politische Ökonomie | BA | Alois Stutzer | Syllabus

15964-01 | Vorlesung: Ökonomisches Verhaltensmodell und psychologische Erweiterungen | MA | Alois Stutzer und Kerstin Hansen | Syllabus

32926-01 | Interuniversitäres Masterseminar mit der Universität Fribourg: Economic and Fiscal Policy | MA | Alois Stutzer und Reiner Eichenberger | Syllabus

Courses during the current term

Master's thesis

For general information with regard to the master's thesis see the website of the dean of studies' office (German only).

If you are interested in writing a master's thesis in the field of Political Economics, please contact me via E-Mail.