The respective lectures and examination rooms for individual courses are published in the university's electronic course directory. You can find the examination rooms for individual courses under the heading "Assessment", the lecture rooms under "Dates and Rooms".

Rooms that are not provided with a link can best be found by using the addresses listed below.

From June 2022 onwards, a new examination room will be available at the University of Basel. The sports hall of the Department of Sport, Exercise and Health (DSBG) is located at Grosse Allee 6, 4052 Basel (between the St. Jakobsarena ice rink and the St. Jakobshalle). The location will be used as an examination room during the first weeks of the lecture-free period for major exams of all faculties of the university. You will find the entrance of the DSBG at Grosse Allee 6 (opposite to the entrance of the public swimming pool St. Jakob). The examination hall is located in the basement of the building. Please use the main entrance and take the spiral staircase. The way to the examination room will be signposted.