Make-up Examinations

A make-up examination is an examination that could not be taken on the regular exam date due to no fault of the exam taker and may therefore be made up. The possibility of making up the exam is limited to the official date of the corresponding make-up exam. If you are also or still unable to attend on this date, the possibility of taking a make-up examination expires even if the (second) absence is not your fault.

If courses offera repeat examination as standard (e.g. main lecture exam),the make-up examination will take place on the repeat examination date .

In courses that do not offer repeat examinations by default, make-up examinations are usually given during the first two weeks of the lecture period in the following semester. A make-up examination may be oral or written. The date will be determined by the Dean of Studies' Office. The Dean of Studies' Office will determine admission to the make-up examinations.

Students who are absent from more than five examinations have no further right to sit a make-up examination. This upper limit includes both excused absences (with a doctor’s certificate) and unexcused failures to appear for the examination. Students who miss a make-up examination without prior notice are not entitled to any further make-up examinations. These terms apply throughout a study program.
The upper limit for excused absences does not apply in the event of a chronic or prolonged illness. However, we expect you to inform the Dean of Studies' Office as early as possible, i.e., at the start of the program or immediately after your diagnosis, of any illness. This will allow the Dean of Studies' Office to help you in planning your studies and examinations. Alternatively, you can also contact the StoB center first.